DIY Tank Top (The Douche Edition)

DIY Tank Top for men

After cutting my oversized shirts into racerback tank tops, Joel asked me to cut his shirts into tanks. Last week we were finally able to start on it.

1. Old shirt
2. Scissors
3. Pencil (optional)

DIY Tank top (for men) Instructions

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Summer Project: DIY Workout Tank

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I recently cleaned out my closet and apparently I have over 25 oversized org and school shirts. It’s summer (in a tropical country) and it is way too hot to wear these shirts. So I’ve decided to cut up most of my shirts and share this summer project with all of you! (Check out the normal tank top/ male version)


  • Oversized shirt (I used my old P.E. shirt)
  • Scissors

Old oversized shirt & Scissors

Time: 15-20 minutes

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Click to see larger image


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