Ecological Agriculture: The Key to Sustainable Food Production



Many of us aim to be more conscious of the consumption and investment decisions we make, and how these decisions affect others and the earth. Some opt to use less plastic, conserve electricity, or buy locally, just to name a few. And while often overlooked, things as basic as the grains and produce we eat everyday matter too.

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Most, if not all, people know about the concept of organic food. The go-to definition is food grown without the use of artificial chemicals. As consumers, many of us will think that the concept of organic food is great, but not many have made it a point to consistently buy organic food.

Why choose organic?

We may think that agriculture, whether conventional or ecological, would be beneficial to the earth. However, due to the heavy pesticide and energy use of conventional farming practices, agriculture is one of the largest contributors to global greenhouse gas emissions. During a visit to Good Food…

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Conscious Christmas Shopping for the Traveller


[Part 1 of our 3-part Conscious Christmas Shopping series for the traveller, the fashionista, and the urban dweller; also check out Conscious Christmas Celebrations: Mindful Foodie Feasts and Conscious Christmas Being: A Holiday Self-Check]


When Christmas time comes around, many of us run around like headless chickens to cross everyone off our Christmas list, as if in an Amazing Race to get everyone that matters (and even those that really don’t) something (anything) for the age-old holiday habit or perceived (and poorly conceived) social responsibility of gift-giving, while braving through traffic and mall queues in the least amount of time.

Gift-giving is not among my strong love languages, and I believe that gift-giving should come from a place of gratitude and sincerity, and from a place of understanding what really matters to a person and what can really make their day.

I don’t believe that gift-giving in itself is always a bad thing, but…

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