Veg Finds II: Greens Restaurant & Cafe

So I’ve decided to turn my vegetarian restaurant finds into a series of posts. Part I was Agico Vegetarian Cafe. In addition to Maginhawa & Marikina, we will now try to discover all of the Sam-friendly restaurants @ Tomas Morato & the rest of New Manila! Our new find this week is Greens Vegetarian Restaurant & Cafe at Scout Castor St., near Tomas Morato, Quezon City. My main reason for paying a visit to this restaurant was the Vegan BBQ meal. For P100 you get two sticks of juicy vegan barbecue, java rice, and atchara. It definitely did not disappoint. I can’t be too sure because it’s been 4 years since my last pork barbecue but I think it tasted pretty legit.

Vegan BBQ meal

Vegan BBQ meal (P100)

Aside from the barbeque, I also ordered the sisig. This was one of their bestsellers so I had to give it a try. Contrary to popular opinion, this was not that impressive. Don’t get me wrong, it was good. Just not as good as the other people say it is.

Green's Sisig

“Sisig” (P155)

Joel ordered their other bestseller, the “fish” relleno. It did not look pretty (as you can see in the photo below) but it tasted good! He even said it tasted like actual fish. Yay for seaweed!

Veggie "Fish" Relleno (P155)

Veggie “Fish” Relleno (P155)

Aside from this, he also ordered the barbecue wrap. I didn’t see any blog posts about this particular menu item, but it definitely deserves one. I am a big fan of pesto and their vegan bbq so this was a winner for me. It was the cheapest thing we ordered, too!! Talk about sulit.

Veggie BBQ Wrap

Veggie BBQ Wrap (P95)

I am a fan of the interiors & the overall ambiance of the place. It looks like a house turned restaurant so it gave off this really homey feel.

It was a good experience and I recommend that you pay a visit (especially if you have a car because the commute is such a hassle). After our meal Joel actually said he would be willing to go vegetarian if all his meals would be like that. Lol. It looks like we weren’t the only ones that enjoyed our meal because by the time we left, the restaurant was already full. (There were even monks!:D)

Greens Vegetarian Restaurant & Cafe:

Address: 92 Sct. Castor St., Near Tomas Morato, Quezon City

Contact Number: 415-4796


Store hours: 12:00 – 9:00 PM (I have no idea why it says closing soon on google!!!)


Commuting Directions: Follow the directions on PH-commute. The restaurant is near McDonald’s! This Veg-series was inspired by Astig Vegan! Check out this awesome blog for recipes and vegan restaurant reviews. 🙂


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