Cheap Finds: UP Bowling Alley

After visiting the sunflowers, we decided to pass by the UP Alumni Center, where the bowling alley is located (full address and directions located below). As was to be expected of a weekday afternoon, the place was packed and all of the lanes were occupied.

This place is absolutely adorable. It’s definitely far from your conventional bowling alley. They use duckpins and small wooden bowling balls. The floors aren’t always perfectly flat so your ball may not always go the right way. You also have to manually record your scores. You don’t even need to brig socks because bowling shoes aren’t necessary!

Bowling Alley at the UP Alumni Center

This place may not seem ideal for people who want to practice or professional bowlers, but if you just want to have some cheap fun, then I suggest you give this place a visit.

Grab your friends or family, and leave your kaartehan at home! The latter part is necessary because I cannot stress enough that this place is not “glamorous”. The pins are manually fixed and the balls are rolled back to the player by men behind the pins. You can actually see hands and feet moving after you have taken your shot! You can just imagine how amused I was.

Billiard & Bowling at the UP Alumni Center

There are around 6 billiard tables and 8 bowling lanes with several rows of wooden benches. Chips, drinks, and other snacks were also being sold.

The Rates (as of April 25, 2014) are as follows:

Billiard Rates at UP Alumni Center

Rates for Bowling at the UP Alumni Center

I highly recommend visiting on a Sunday


UP Alumni Center, Magsaysay Ave., Diliman, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Commuting Directions:

  1. Find your way to UP Diliman
  2. Ride the UP Ikot (P8.00)
  3. Ask the driver to drop you off at the UP Alumni Center (or the stop nearest to that)


Happy Bowling! 🙂

Photos c/o Joel David


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